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Human. Being.

"Bring Me your weakness, and receive My Peace."

These were the words that met me today as I opened my devotional. These were the words that caused a tickle in my throat and a prickle in my eyes.

Being has been on my mind lately. Just being. Being there for family and friends. Being present in conversation. Being available when you're needed. Being. It seems to be a word that involved stillness. Peace. Contentment. I guess being is my weakness.

Because I always want to be doing. Doing great things. Saving the world. Leaving trails of sparkles and happiness wherever I go. Doing it all.

But this morning I learned something. And who knows. Maybe I'll forget it by afternoon. But if being is my weakness, and if I bring that to God, then we can work something out. We can find that Peace. And we can BE.

It's revolutionary. For me. I lack focus and contentment and the ability to sit still. I am anxious. I overthink. I have high goals and high motivation, but am unfortunately excellent in the brutal game of self sabotage. So I need to learn to be. And not the competitive kind of being. Where I tell myself I'm going to be the best be-er I ever saw. I'll out be all the be-ers.

No. Just a regular be-er. Happy. On the sidelines sort of be-er. Maybe sipping some weak tea out of a chipped mug. With a brown sack of semi-healthy blueberry muffins for later. Because being needs snacks sometimes. Just a regular Jane sort of a be-er. Hopefully with a dishwasher and a washer running in the background, because being requires joy in the simple life too. There might be sun shining through a smudged window, but a good be-er will see the sun, not the smudge. Tonight's plan for supper will be somewhere in the back of the be-ers mind, not because supper is a stressful and consuming thought, but because feeding the ones you love nourishing and wholesome food is a joyful task. There might be a paintbrush wrapped in plastic somewhere, waiting to do that last coat of white, but it's a happy chore on the to do list. Not a pain in between your shoulder blades. Because fresh white doors and that clean smell of paint represent the be-ers outlook on life. Oh being. Let's grow old together.

||The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.||

{Psalm 29:11 KJV}

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